About Me

I have a 5 year plan. The bizarre short and long term plan.

Financial freedom, family, travel, working from home, a holland lop bunny, life. Nothing in a particular order, as I could have my bunny tomorrow, or be in Japan next week.

I dream of expanding my lifestyle. Waking up to completely do what I love and help others. I also dream of doing this in the comfort of my home. I do not care for no pants or shoes. (Does anyone have a sock collection?) I could also use little human interaction on those tough days.

Years ago, I was sure of my career path. My degree was being used. However, there was still something missing. The twinkle sparkle moonlight of rainbows and unicorns in a land of cotton candy, naps, and blankets….What did I want to do that made me happy?

Well, this website. Blogging to be specific. Although, it’s sparking ideas in multiple directions rather quickly. I am committing to one year minimum of blogging. No regrets or what-ifs. This is more than trying. Even the first few months taking off, I have learned more than I thought possible.

Admittedly, I looked into blogging in 2016. I found the email the other day. Before then at 13, blogging was always in the back of mind. The world of blogging opened more in the last few months. Then I realized what I could do with the blog. This was right up my ally as I could work slowly and gain traction. I also love watching the numbers go up and down. Experimentation is fun…

I want to be able to have control over my life and daily adventures. To sleep in while still going after what I wanted. Eating unlimited amounts of sushi and daily naps. I can see visually what can be built with zero knowledge and still help others. That is my ultimate goal.

Featured on AppleTV, Amazon, Roku, e360TV, Life Innovation Global, & countless podcasts, she embraces stepping out of her comfort zone as an introvert, through her biz, and motherhood.

Juakerra’s mission is to help 1000 women save time, energy, and money doing what they love and bring proud enough to say “I did THAT!”

Personal & business mantra: “As always, Mindset is EVERYTHING!” –Juakerra

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