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The Solopreneur Checklist

See the exact 6 tools I use to manage & grow my biz as a one woman show! Whether you are just getting started, or making sure you have all your bases covered as you’ve been doing this “online biz thing” for a while.

Freebie Swap Roadmap

A downloadable PDF guide to help you host your own freebie swap with your biz friends, making more connections and increasing your visibility, audience, and engagement via your email list or social media platform.

3 Welcome Email Templates

The BEST way to grow your biz is not through social media. It’s through your email list. You know what happens when Instagram or Facebook goes down. What if social media goes down for good? You NEED an email list. Jumpstart your goal with 3 Welcome Emails you can start from!

Becoming A Para Blueprint: The Ultimate Checklist for Becoming a Para -- Introducing the "Becoming a Paraeducator Blueprint: The Ultimate Checklist for Moms Returning to Work" – your secret weapon for nailing that career comeback! Ready to dive into the awesome world of paraeducator positions? Get ready for flexible schedules, meaningful work with kiddos, and opportunities for career growth. Our blueprint has your back every step of the way, from insider knowledge to acing the application process. Plus, you'll join a vibrant community of super moms on a mission to rock their paraeducator roles. Embrace the balance, rewrite the script, and unlock a fulfilling career as a paraeducator. Let's do this!
Business Communications Skills Assessment -- "Think you're an accomplished communicator? A master of messaging? One with a way with words? Well, take this quiz and find out for sure. It’s fast, fun, and free — a trifecta perfecta! You’ll discover your proficiency with key skills, learn why each skill is important for efficient and effective communication, and get a roadmap to enhancing your capabilities based on your current skill level. Nice, huh? This resource is designed with business communications in mind. But, good communications skills are universally beneficial. This self-assessment is likely to help you in other areas of life as well."
56 Instagram Posts-PLR -- 56 home improvement Instagram "This or That" posts. If you're a home improvement blogger, contractor, or DIY enthusiast our Instagram posts will help you grow your brand
Happiness Bundle -- Unlock the key to lasting happiness and discover a wealth of knowledge and practical tools with our comprehensive Happiness Bundle. Immerse yourself in the Happiness Mini Course Video, where you'll dive deep into the essence of joy and balance. Gain profound insights and practical strategies to cultivate a fulfilling life. Take the wisdom on the go with our convenient Happiness Mini Course Audio, allowing you to transform your daily routine into moments of personal growth. Accompanied by the Happiness 12-Week Workbook, packed with thought-provoking exercises, actionable steps, and practical tips, you'll be empowered to create powerful habits and embrace a happiness mindset. Experience a state of flow that enhances productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Prioritize your well-being and make positive change. The path to happiness begins here.
Masterclass: Unlock the 5 Elements of a Coaching Website that Brings You Clarity, Confidence and Clients -- "Have you ever wondered if you could create a beautiful website that resonated with your right-fit clients without spending a fortune or burning yourself out in the process? If you said yes, this FREE Masterclass is for YOU! Learn How To: - Clarify Your Audience + Your Offers - Create Messaging That Connects - Lay a Solid SEO Foundation from the Start - Design Your Site with Clients In Mind - Launch with Ease & Confidence"
Transforming Your Food Legacy -- "Change your inherited food mindset while honoring your health and heritage! This short, 11-page workbook is designed to... - help you reflect on your family food legacy (past, present, and future) - become more aware and intentional about food, eating, and the way you view your body Visit the link for a secret promo code to get access!"
Free Website Privacy Policy, Video Guide and Website Checklist -- Free Website Privacy Policy to use on your website that's GDPR compliant and lets your visitors know what kind of personal information you collect and how you use it. A Step Up Your Legal™ Video is included that walks you through customization of the Privacy Policy and explains what the different provisions mean - in plain English. A Website Checklist is also included so you know how to legally protect your website. Opting in also gets you subscribed to my popular weekly Step Up Your Legal™ Roundtable email series delivering legal and business tips and information in easy to read Q&A format directly to your inbox.
Pam Stevens
Customizable legal templates & legal education for online service businesses
The Complete Guide to Bookkeeping for Online Business Owners -- Grab your free copy of The Complete Guide to Bookkeeping for Online Business Owners Is this the right guide for me? This guide is perfect for online service-based business owners such as coaches, SMMs, and online business experts throughout all stages of their business What's in it for you: • A full breakdown of what bookkeeping is & the purpose it serves (it's not just for taxes!) • How to figure out which method will work best for your business • A printable checklist of exactly what you should be doing throughout the year so you can finally feel confident about your biz finances, have less money stress, & make intentional decisions that actually grow your business Your expert guide is waiting for you, grab it now!
Engage & Interact Power Pack -- "Welcome to the ultimate power pack that's gonna level up your coaching business and have your audience begging for more. I present to you the meticulously curated Open Up Email Templates and the bomb-diggity 30 days' worth of social media content ideas. Brace yourselves for the ride of a lifetime! Crafting emails that hit hard and resonate with your subscribers can feel like a never-ending battle. But guess what? I got your back! My Open Up Email Templates are the secret weapon you've been waiting for. These babies are professionally written, strategically crafted, and designed to make your clients go, ""Dang, she's got it!"" Get ready to save time and effort while delivering messages that hit different and foster those deep connections you've been dreamin' of. But hold up, we ain't done yet! We know the struggle of keepin' it fresh and engaging on social media. That's why I've packed this bad boy with 30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas that'll make your competition green with envy. We're talkin' motivational quotes that'll have your followers feeling like they can conquer the world, thought-provoking questions that'll ignite conversations, interactive challenges that'll make 'em jump outta their seats, and valuable tips to help 'em slay the game of life. Buckle up, 'cause you're about to become the social media superstar you were born to be! I firmly believe in the power of our entrepreneurial community, and sharing resources is the name of the game. When we exchange gems like these Open Up Email Templates and 30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas, we all rise together. Let's empower each other, inspire greatness, and provide mind-blowing value to our audiences. So, are you ready to conquer the world, one email and social media post at a time? Sign up now and let's dive headfirst into this wild journey of growth, success, and undeniable boss moves. Let's show 'em how it's done!"
Blood Sugar Balance -- Blood sugar balance offers 3 steps to stabilize your blood sugar level, naturally.
Marketing with Heart Content Plan For Handmade & Etsy Sellers --"I'll Show You How: - The #1 strategy I use to make six figures every year with my own handmade business. - Algorithm-proof your biz and turn your email list into your #1 money-making asset. - My 2-step system to design and build your own email & social media content plan that turns fans into raving customers for life."
Unlocking the 6 Golden Keys to a Millionaire Mindset ebook -- In this ebook, we embark on a transformative journey to unravel the 6 best ways to cultivate a mindset that effortlessly attracts wealth. By embracing these principles & taking decisive action, you have the power to unlock your untapped potential for financial abundance.
Client Magnet Checklist -- The client magnet checklist helps you to discover the key pieces you need to understand BEFORE you can start attracting clients. It helps you to uncover what you’re missing and how to get the information you need so you can start to attract clients like magnets
3 Actionable Steps to Increase Energy for Busy Women -- 8 minute private podcast going discussing easy and free ways to support your adrenals naturally
Stress Be Gone! Tip Sheets Collection -- Your dog pulls your arm out of the socket every time on the walk? Or your puppy is driving you crazy with all the chewing on everything he can get his mouth on? The tip sheets are here to show you what to do with actions you can start taking TODAY. And no worries, if you don't see in the collection the issues you're dealing with, request one anyways and let us know. We'll make one and send it to you!
Quiz: Which Extraordinary Biblical Woman is Your Bible Bestie? -- "Take this short quiz to uncover your biblical personality style to learn how to serve others with your unique strengths. Who will be your Bible bestie - Deborah, Esther, Ruth or Mary Magdalene? Plus, get an in-depth look at how your special personality strengths can be used to increase your faith, friendships, and fulfillment. "
Tech Checklist -- "We all know that as business owners we need to have some sort of tech. But what do you really need and where do you start? Grab this free guide to get the help you need choosing: ✅ Files and Storage ✅ Email Service Provider ✅ Social Media Platform"
Michelle Kaye
5 Ways to stay Confident in a Competitive Workplace -- "Let’s face it. The Workplace is competitive. You’ve already realized that hard work is not enough. In this guide, you're getting • 5 doable techniques to immediately position you above your colleagues without having to play games • Stay relevant in a changing workplace environment • An anti-redundancy tactic your colleagues don’t know about and more...."
First Things First - Making God A Priority In Your Life -- "You want to know God better... you desire daily time with Him... but here's the challenge. How do you find time for God when you barely have time to breathe? First Things First helps you re-evaluate your priorities and create the freedom and flexibility you need to regularly meet with God! • Learn why consistently spending quality time with God is vital to your spiritual health. • Identify your best time and place to meet with God. • Create a plan to minimize and eliminate distractions. Please accept this exclusive book as our gift to you! "
The Spending Types Quiz -- To deal with overspending, you need to deal with the reasons BEHIND your spending. There are six main spending habits or Spending Types that account for most of our overspending. Identify your primary Spending Type with The Spending Types Quiz and learn how to use it to end overspending.
Achieve Your Goals Ebook Workbook Templates -- Achieve your goals with step by step guidance, using this e-book and workbook, fully editable in the free version of Canva. I’ve used a minimalist design, so you can very quickly change it up to your brand colours and fonts. You can also customize the workbook for any niche! Get your first (or umpteenth!) digital product listed today!
Starts With Me Checklist -- A simple tool designed to help you with small shifts in your perspective, so you can believe that you have a choice in your life.
Procrastination Breakthrough: Your counterintuitive guide to beat procrastination once and for all -- "Get ready to look at procrastination from a whole new angle and challenge what you've always thought about procrastination. This ebook reveals the hidden truths behind this complex psychological phenomenon that keep us trapped in its never-ending cycle. "
Free Home Organization Planner -- This planner comes with everything you need to get your home under control.
Embrace your Inner CEO - Use the power of self-acceptance to release limiting beliefs and thrive in your career -- "Use the power of self-acceptance to release limiting beliefs and thrive in your career. Are you ready to thrive in your career with confidence and self-acceptance? This workbook gives you short actionable steps that you can start today! Leave self-doubt behind, and embrace your inner CEO!"
31 Days of Service |Fun Christmas Countdown PLR -- "Looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend time with your family? 31 days of service is the perfect solution! Each day features a different service project or activity, ranging from making meals for the homeless to playing games with senior citizens. Not only will you make a difference in your community, but you’ll also have a blast doing it! This also comes with 31 days of family fun. From creating ice cream art to building family forts to watch movies there is plenty of fun for 31 days. These also come with a Canva link so you can customize them as you wish. Includes: 1 Calendar of service ideas 1 Calendar of family fun ideas"
40 Days Journey "Revealing God's Love" -- The 40-Day Journey will take you on a love journey with Father God as this journal inspires you His love - especially for you. Each day you will learn truth through scripture that will draw you closer to God. Everyone's desire is to know God's love and this guided journal is what you need to take you on that journey.
Create Your Daily & Weekly Home Task List -- With this resource, you'll get what you need to learn how to implement my signature Daily Five system and Weekly List system. You'll also have printable lists that you can print out to help you implement immediately. If you like doing a little design work yourself, I'll also include Canva templates that you can fully personalize for your family.
JourneyDance™ with Danielle -- "JourneyDance™ is a transformational dance form that combines freestyle and structured somatic movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body. It’s about letting go of expectations, judgments, and inhibitions and allowing yourself to move freely. The focus is on the internal experience vs. the external appearance. An opportunity to explore how movement, music, and dance can help you reclaim fun, curiosity, playfulness, and joy, allowing you to let go, release, and receive. If you're looking for a fun and empowering practice, a way to destress and recharge your energy, come dance it out!"
The five easy steps to immediately relieve anxiety -- "If you are a women seeking help with anxiety, please join my free Facebook business group and you'll receive my freebie in your welcome email :). Women beyond exhausted, getting zero sleep at night because of anxiety, you are unable to focus on much during the day because you are tired and anxiety is getting to you yet again. You deserve a more fulfilling life, don't you? Let me help you calm your mind, sleep better at night, focus better, and take better care of yourself altogether. I would love to invite you to my free, safe, exclusive, non-triggering, non-judgmental, private transformation tribe.

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