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25+ Freebies from other solopreneurs from welcome email templates, to social media content, to health & meditation, to web design and everything in between!

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Juakerra Davis is a budding solopreneur, one you should definitely connect with. Featured in AppleTV, Amazon, Roku, e360TV, Life Innovation Global, and countless podcasts, she embraces stepping out of her comfort zone as an introvert. After launching her first podcast, Let’s Try Adulting, in July 2020 focused on adulting, and another in December 2020 focused on podcasting, Juakerra is changing her perspective on what she thought was possible.


She is the Founder & CEO of CEOwn It, a company focused on empowering women solopreneurs to generate their first $1,000 from their online business in 6 months or less. CEOwn It values making mistakes to learn and move you forward, connecting with like-minded people on a similar journey to help you reach your goals, celebrating the great, bad, and ugly as you grow, and honesty in your mission, message, and what you do. 


Since starting her business in 2020, Juakerra increased her income by over 4000%. While she started with coaching women in podcasting, she quickly knew there was more she wanted as her mission. As a CEO of her own company and meeting the demand, Juakerra knew it was time to pivot from podcast coaching to solopreneur coaching. You can find two of her communities, Women Podcast Together: Build Confidence, Impact, and Income & CEOwn It: Empowering Women Solopreneurs on Facebook. 


CEOwn It challenges how you start your biz from the ground up, without a website, without hosting a webinar, without building the fancy systems the “gurus” tell you, like an email list or content strategy. You don’t even have to post every day. We start with the foundation that is needed and grow as you do. We say HUZZAH to conquering our goals, big and small.


Being a solopreneur does not mean you have to do everything alone or reinvent the wheel. Through Solopreneur Success Mastermind, you have the roadmap to change your world.


Visit her website here: https://letstryadulting.com

Let's kick off with 3 freebies you need as a solopreneur.

I created 3 freebies that I NEEDED starting over 3 years ago in my biz. How to manage time, how to write a welcome email, and how to create a podcast workflow that worked for me. My mission is to jumpstart women solopreneurs in their biz. These three freebies are an extension of my biz in both solopreneurship & podcasting. My own gift to my community.

Enjoy the Freebie Swap, solopreneur!!



This freebie has saved me soooo much time. The best thing for a solopreneur is time. It is also one of the worse things solopreneurs to keep up with.

With Create Time Magic, you are literally creating time magic. This ebook is designed to focus on one goal at a time until you’re ready for the next one.

Create Time Magic works for just about any goal you want to accomplish. Your biz, podcast, social media schedule, personal goals, 9-5 goals, you name it.

Let’s CROSS OFF goals, rather than dragging them through the year!

If you do not have an email list, you need one. If you want to grow your biz & collab with new people, trust me, you need to start your email list. I can’t tell many clients have come through my email list.

Use one of three welcome email templates to be the first point of contact and getting to know you. It’s plug & play for you.

Did I mention there will be an Email Marketing Q&A?

When: Saturday April 30th @12pm est / 11am cdt / 9am pst

Don’t have an email list? I LOVE Convertkit. Check it out here.

I started my biz in podcasting, and now you’ll see into my workflow!

I’ll be sharing my whole framework on how I go from idea to live episode and everything in between.

You start simple, learn what works for you, and create! It’s a really easy.

You’ll have a chance to have your podcasting questions answered. From how to get started to monetizing to being/finding guests during our Q&A.

Meet our Contributors & Their Freebies!

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Using intuitive healing, meditation, creativity, fun and trauma sensitive coaching I help Misfits find their blocks and move through them to get their business or side hustle idea off the ground. I have been helping people as a registered nurse for the last 26 years, through every stage of their lives, and have found the most joy in working with the Misfits of the world. People who don't fit into society and don't want to. Outcasts, weirdos, neurodivergent, gender non-conforming, unique and creative people who are eager to find their voice and change the world.

Misfit Meditation

What do you do when your mind can’t settle on an answer to a burning question and your thoughts keep moving?

You can keep thinking about it, making lists and going over it, or you can try this visualization, to tap into the answers needed.

Pitch YOU in 30 Seconds

Do you know how to answer the age old question “What do you do?” without talking business first?

Talking about yourself is never the easiest. Learn to Pitch YOU in 30 seconds. Connect who you are to your business authentically.

Sign up to get the link to schedule a pitch session with me!

Laarni Mulvey, Founder of the Strong and Mighty Company and the Standing in Strength Global Movement, is known as ‘The Power Lady’ not only because of her signature powerbun and the strength sports she partakes in, she believes strength is universal and finds it in all aspects of life. She encourages and leads women to honor their power through her message of Strength. Her thought is that when you believe in your own strength, you can positively impact others, overcome feelings of being held back and outperform and outgrow the standards set upon you.
Keana W. Mitchell is a relationship Coach and podcaster who helps women work on their self-esteem and overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can have the relationships that they desire. In addition to being a relationship coach and podcaster Keana is also a singer, songwriter, who has a Masters’ degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Rehabilitation. For the past 10 years Keana has worked as a job coach and rehabilitation counselor for the state of AL. Today Keana offers a wide range of programs and services which includes the “3 Day Marriage Bootcamp” and her signature program “Improve Your Marriage while Improving Yourself”. To contact Keana, please visit her website at https:www.keanawmitchell.club .

7 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Marriage Now

In this free PDF you will learn 7 things that you can do now to begin transforming your marriage.

5 Tips to 6 Figures

A look at what exactly turned Sharon’s little handmade business into an online empire—even with kids, ADHD, and a pandemic. This guide is for you if you’re ready to get serious about your side hustle and make meaningful income online as a maker.
Sharon Wilkes helps creative women achieve their business goals in a way that aligns with the ADHD brain. After years of struggling with "finding herself" and bouncing from thing to next big thing, she decided to stop forcing herself to do things "the right way" and instead doing what felt good and came naturally. It worked! She built a 6-figure business in under a year - during a pandemic AND with undiagnosed ADHD! Armed with a new outlook (thanks to finally being diagnosed with ADHD at 38), she’s on a mission to help other multi-passionate women reframe their minds and build and grow profitable online businesses.
Sarah Martin is the Dating Coach for people who want sex to be a priority in their relationships, from one night stands through to life long marriages. Sarah created the Dignified Hedonist framework, a proven system for supercharging your dating and relationship success. Sarah has worked with hundreds of clients through workshops, courses, and results-focused 1:1 coaching. She is the author of the Slutty Activism Daily Newsletter, where she shares stories and tips about how you can change the world through pleasure. Sarah operates her private practice out of Vilnius, Lithuania, where she serves clients online worldwide

The Hedonist's Guide to Flirting Archetypes

Don’t Be a Flirting Disaster. Discover Your Flirt Style.

Most people suck at flirting because they’re trying too hard and thinking too much.

In this eBook The Hedonist’s Guide to Flirting Archetypes: 6 Flirt Styles You Can Use TODAY, learn how to banish awkward pauses and false starts by discovering the Flirt Style that is best suited to you.

Marketing with Heart Content Plan

You’ll learn how to write emails and social media posts that your customers and target market actually resonate with. You’ll build solid relationships that will naturally lead to sales for your handmade or craft business.
I help handmade business owners get to six figures with email and social media marketing.
I’m Paulette Erato, the Maker Muse. And it’s my mission to inspire you to rediscover your confidence and power through your own unique creativity. Because everyone is a maker, even you. As a former photographer, food blogger and multi-passionate creative, I’m on a mission to make the world a more creative place by breaking you free from self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can confidently achieve your goals. As your muse, I am here to inspire you to be the most creative and powerful version of yourself. And it’s never too late to start today.

The Destination: Innovation Roadmap

YOU NEED A ROADMAP! Exploring a path is so much easier when you know where it’s leading. Enjoy the ride as you navigate to YOUR creative core with this simple 5-stop process, the Destination: Innovation Roadmap.

Are you the next Richard Branson or Del Boy?

A fun quiz to find out how much of a success you will be in business PLUS discover the 9 Mistakes most business owners make!
I’m Rachael Willoughby and one of my passions is helping people in business. I’m not a business coach but I’ve been in business for over twenty years and now run 4 businesses so you could say I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience that I am happy to share with others. I do this in a number of ways, through my business membership group, through free Q & A sessions and more recently through my online business course START.
"Danielle is your honest, no-fluff, direct AF (but super friendly) social media coach, marketing strategist, Squarespace website designer, and champion cheerleader. She has 25 years of marketing experience working with small businesses, non-profits, and community organizations and has recently added new coaches to the list of who she serves. After becoming a new coach herself, and experiencing the many facets of creating an online coaching business, Danielle knew she wanted to help women overcome the obstacles she too had experienced by creating streamlined systems and strategies without the overwhelm. Danielle is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and is on her path to becoming a certified mindset coach, JourneyDance Guide, and Somatic Stress Release Practitioner. Her goal is to combine mindset and movement modalities to help womxn in business who struggle with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling stuck to achieve mind-body balance so that they can accomplish their personal and professional goals, and step into their unstoppable selves."

Social Media Must-Have Apps & Tools

40+ Apps & Tools to make life easier and save you time.

Here’s What You’ll Find…

Apps & Tools for Workflow & Systems

Chrome Extensions

Free Stock Image Sites

Instagram™ URL Tools

Photo & Video Apps

and more…

15 Top Productivity Tips for Microsoft 365

Are you using Microsoft Office for your business? We all know that there are at least 3 ways to do everything… inside are 15 productivity tips to help you save time. Spread across the five most popular programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive). How many tips will get that task list done pronto?

"Michelle Kaye has spent that last 25 years in front of computers - mostly for her role as a computer trainer. After being a in-house IT trainer (helping staff), Michelle realised that she wanted to help more people understand that tech and computers aren't hard - they aren’t a mountain to climb! She can help you save hours of yelling at your computer (cough spreadsheets cough) with actionable and personalised answers to your specific questions."
"As a Success Strategist and productivity expert, GaVonne specializes in helping women maximize their performance, achieve their goals, and live a life they love. She does this by delivering personal and professional development training centered around project management, process improvement, and progressive thinking. Over the years, GaVonne has helped women use her proven S.P.A.R.K. Method™ to become better versions of themselves, get clear on their next career moves, launch small businesses, and redefine success on their own terms. Today, GaVonne continues to ignite women to achieve their desired success and start living life BOLDLY, PASSIONATELY, and PURPOSEFULLY!"

Solopreneur SPARK Kit

Are you ready to reclaim your time for what matters most?  Trying to juggle building a solo owned business with family responsibilities and life can leave you feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Friend, this does not have to be the case, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

When you implement key strategies and build simple systems, it is possible for you to create the work-life-self balance you need to design a thriving business while living a life you love.

This Solopreneur SPARK Kit is filled with the tools you need to help you reclaim control of your life and business by enhancing your productivity so you can start living your life BOLDLY, PASSIONATELY, and PURPOSEFULLY!

Ultimate Hashtag Research Guide

Unlocking the best hashtag research tips & tricks on Instagram in this ultimate 13 page guide with clear action steps.
"Hi hi! I'm Jade Francesca, Founder & CEO of Strategize with Creativity. As a strategist, my goal is to craft personalized and optimized media strategies for women entrepreneurs to guarantee their success by attracting their ideal clients & reclaiming their time, so they can focus on what they do best. My strategies are stream-lined, tailored to any social media platform, all the while ensuring SEO is optimized. My media strategies also can include: web creation (including copy!), web optimization, blog strategy, as well as done-for-you graphic design and templates for social media. "
Ngo is a Health and Beauty lifestyle coach, an avid learner, with an MBA and a certificate in Financial Management. Her greatest claim to fame is being a wife and a mom of 4! Coming from a culture that favors plus-size women, it was a rude shock when she lost her mom due to health complications. Now she devotes her time and energy in helping women, make healthy lifestyle changes, in order to live longer.

5 Mistakes to avoid when trying to shape up

There are many things you should do, to achieve your weight loss goals.
More importantly, are the things you should not do…

My Dream Business Journal

My Dream Business Journal was designed to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to figure out what you’re here to do, what your dream business actually looks like and start taking tangible steps and inspired action to transform it from a dream into reality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living the corporate life (and have for years!) or you run a business that just doesn’t feel aligned anymore, all you need is pen & paper (or your favorite word processing program, phone or tablet) to start making major changes right flipping now.

Hi, I’m Chasity Snow, CEO of Company Curators, and Founder of the Reckless Babe Tribe. I’m the pattern interrupting, real talk, out the box creating coach and author who helps women build confidence, lift voices, and provides sisterhood as they chase their dreams of 'authorpreneurship' and entrepreneurship.
I mentor doctoral candidates to move their thesis towards completion whilst managing all the competing priorities. Whether you're working full-time in a big job, looking after small children, running your business, or dealing with caring responsibilities, with my help, you can write your doctorate! Positive, empowering mentoring, built on a solid model of supervision and experience. Work with me 1:1 or in a group setting - or simply grab my live or pre-recorded training sessions to get the tools and support that aren't available elsewhere.

Managing Your Supervisor - 7 Tips for Doctoral Candidates

Understanding exactly why your supervisor is there, and how to deal with them, is an important aspect of making your journey to ‘Doc’ more enjoyable. People may have different styles and expectations of working with students, but there are some basic ‘rules’ that will help you to get more out of the relationship and avoid conflict with your supervisors – which is one of the major reasons for non-completion. This short and easy-to-implement guide will help you to develop a strong relationship with your supervisor(s) so you both enjoy the journey more.

6 Ways to Beat Your Menopause Symptoms Now

Learn what strategies you can use to beat your menopause symptoms with this valuable guide.
"Hi! I am an empty-nester of three and a dog-mom of two! Though I am so grateful for what I have; the challenges that menopause brought to my life were difficult. No one talks about it! I never heard my grandmothers, aunt, great-aunts, or my mom talk about menopause and their journey. I want to be a voice and help others talk about it. We need to do better for our own daughters, nieces, or granddaughters. I am here to help women in all stages of menopause create comfort on-demand with strategies to beat their hormonal challenges. "
Monica de Vitry, Flow Mamas Founder is an Artist, Teacher, and Lunar Transformation Coach. She has been helping people to connect with their creative essence for over 12 years. She draws upon her trainings and experience across multiple creative and healing modalities to create transformative experiences for her students and coaching clients. Monica is a Certified Moonologer™, a Reiki II Practitioner, an RYT-500, and holds a B.S.E. in Art Education.

Moon Phases at a Glance

This cheat sheet breaks down the phases of the moon to give you an overview of the themes to keep in mind as we move through the cycle

Quiz Wizard Course

100% discount code: QUIZ100 – valid until 16th May 2022

It’s time to stop being the best kept secret on the internet.

Use the magic of quizzes to create consistent leads, a bumper email list & a thriving community (without being at the mercy of Instagram!)

This is the exact method I walk my done for you clients through to build their quiz funnels and generate leads in their businesses.

Quiz Wizard – What’s Included:

Video 1 – Why quizzes are the ultimate lead generator

Video 2 – Creating your quiz roadmap and how to seamlessly fit a quiz into your business

Video 3 – Step by step plan of how to create every element of your quiz

Video 4 – Tech Time – an over the shoulder walk through of how to set up your quiz in Interact

Helen is an online business growth strategy and trained quiz funnel expert. She specialises in helping entrepreneurs who are sick of being the best kept secret on the internet generate high quality leads using the magic of online quizzes. She has supported entrepreneurs like Holly-Marie Haynes to build engaged communities ready to buy whose freebie now converts at 80% and a 70% email open rate. She has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 13 years and also runs a property business. She is also a country music loving Brit! Usually found with a messy ginger bun, eating anything spicy and playing Korfball (look it up, it’s a real sport!!). She offers quiz strategy sessions right up to a full bells and whistles done for you quiz funnels.

Use 100% discount code: QUIZ100 – valid until 16th May 2022

Hey! I'm Julie - A tech and marketing automation specialist. I help online business owners set up, manage and launch their courses and funnels without the tech overwhelm.

Step-By-Step Client Onboarding Guide

We can all agree that referrals are the best way to get new clients, so your client’s journey is CRUCIAL if you’d like your current clients to recommend you to other people.

In this guide, I will give you all the deets on how to make your client’s onboarding a completely PREMIUM and VIP experience, so they can’t stop talking about you.

+ BONUS tech tools to automate your client onboarding process!

Your Next Big Idea Workbook

Stop wasting your time creating things no one is looking for.
Learn how to anticipate your audience’s needs and always have a solution ready for them.

With Your Next Big Idea Workbook, you can plan all your new products for the next year! Take the guesswork out of what will be the next big success for your business.

8 Actionable Steps with space for taking notes and recording responses
SEO Keyword generation
SEO Cheat Sheet for getting your product found

Hi, I'm Sebrina Parker! I'm a freelance wearer of many hats who makes ideas, plans, and happiness spark. When I'm not chasing my 4 kids, you can find me behind a good book or drowning in a pile of unfolded laundry. Everything you need to know can be found at https://linkpage.my.canva.site/everything
Sharon McCaskill started her first online business in early 2018 and discovered how to capture traffic and leads from search engines by following a simple Search Engine Optimization formula and targeting unique keywords that her ideal clients were searching in Google! Sharon now helps Podcasters & YouTubers grow their audiences by leveraging the passive power of SEO to bring them new leads & fans on autopilot. This easy to follow method optimizes show notes to rank at the top of Google with exclusive keywords and website content without repurposing their content every single day for every single stinkin' social media platform.

How to Create Show Notes that Rank on Google

This Master Class teaches you how to rethink traditional audio/video show notes and, instead, turn your videos and podcasts into website content that ranks on Google so you can increase your reach & income without losing all your free time.

10 Step Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Blogger

Are you an aspiring travel blogger or travel writer?

Getting started and being successful doesn't need to be hard…

Grab this FREE guide for 10 practical steps on how to quickly and easily get started as a travel writer!

I am an experienced luxury travel writer based in South Africa. My travel content has been published in numerous publications such as Culture Trip, DRIFT Travel Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Beau Monde Traveler, and more. To date, I have landed over $100 000 worth of travel sponsorships in the form of hotel/resort accommodation, flights, cruises, spa treatments, restaurant meals, tours, attraction passes, and Tourism Board partnerships. Now, I'm on a mission to teach aspiring travel bloggers how to get published, earn an income from their travel content, and land travel sponsorships!
"Transformational speaker, author, and certified life coach, Dr. JaNee’ Mobley is the owner of Success & Wealth Institute, LLC. Dr. Mobley is dedicated to initiating and provoking change in everyone that she comes into contact with. She is committed to helping her clients and audience unveil their next level through uncovering and uprooting the hidden barriers that keep them captive in their internal prison. Her passion and God-given purpose is to set everyone free from their internal prison and live the lives that they so desperately desire and most certainly deserve instead of just existing in a shell. Mobley lives by the motto that “you were created on purpose for a purpose. You were created by Greatness for greatness. "

The 7 Tips to Create the Life that You Love and Deserve

The 7 Tips is a pdf. download designed to provide one tip each day to create a life that you desire. The 7 tips will helps people increase their self worth and value.

From Clients to Fans: 5 Simple Strategies to Retain Your Best Customers

It costs a lot more to gain new clients than to keep old ones. Retaining your existing customers is more cost-effective and gives you a much better return on your marketing investment.  In this guide, you’ll learn 5 strategies to make your clients become fans for life!
"Dr. Denise Dennis is an email marketing automation consultant and Keap Certified Partner. She is committed to helping coaches gain time freedom in their businesses by automating every stage of the customer journey, including client attraction, sales, program and product delivery, and customer satisfaction. As the founder and CEO of ActionAccelerated, Dr. Denise and her team relieve the stress, confusion, and frustration many coaches face when dealing with digital marketing technology. Her clients gain peace of mind and room to breathe while serving their audiences with grace and ease. "
Michelle Pontvert is a web designer with 15 years of design experience, specializing in empowering female coaches, consultants and service providers with websites that work for them, their future clients and their growing businesses. Michelle balances 1:1 client work, digital products and being a hands-on mum to her energetic toddler.

Website That Converts

Want to book more perfect-fit clients with your website? Watch the value-packed 16-minute FREE training to turn your website into a client-connecting powerhouse!

Your amazing service alone isn’t enough to book out your calendar, you need to actually convince your right-fit clients to get in touch in the first place. So in this training, you’ll learn the 5 ways to turn your website from a stale online business card to your client-captivating goldmine!

How to Podcast Pitch Like a Pro

Are you ready for exponential growth in your audience? Are you looking for more ways to grow your revenue? Do you want to be known as a thought leader within your area of expertise? Being a podcast guest can help! Master the art of the podcast pitch with this freebie that teaches you how to get your voice heard on podcasts with engaged listeners.

Janice Scholl is an advocate for mothers who want to use their skills and be financially empowered while being fully present for their children. She hosts the Money, Career & Motherhood podcast and is a frequent speaker on family finances and the impact of motherhood on career and money. After learning the art of pitching herself as both a guest and podcast host, she’s launched Podcast Guest Services to help business owners, thought leaders, and authors share their messages with engaged podcast audiences.
Desiree is a mental health therapist that is passionate about helping those that want to improve their mental health in order to live happy and fulfilling lives.

The 7-Day Gratitude Journal

Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, improve your self-esteem and self-worth?

If you are ready to get started on shifting your mindset and reaping the benefits of doing so, then you definitely want to get your hands on this free 7-Day Gratitude Journal with prompts!

Shifting your mindset has never been easier than with your very own journal with prompts provided.
It is downloadable and printable!

Get yours today!

The Ultimate Guide: Build Your Site the Right Way

The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Site the Right Way is a 20-page guide. It’s packed with info to help you get your website to meet your business goals. Your website is your biggest asset in business and one that you should be leveraging.

Danielle is a web designer and educator for online solopreneurs who are fed up with struggling with their website and all the tech things in their business, from email to figuring out offers and organizing it. She helps give business owners their power, control, and freedom so they can tackle the tech without the overwhelm and frustration. She holds an associates degree in web design as well as 5 years experience in the field. If not working, she can be found picking up nearly any craft, cooking and baking, reading (Probably Harry Potter), or listening to country music up loud.
Pamela White, Mindset and Goal Coach serving professional women and female entrepreneurs who want to make significant changes in their business, career, or life. After leaving corporate management for my own coaching business, I now work exclusively with women. Helping them see the roadblocks and mindset tricks that are holding them back, even when they cannot see it themselves. We use mindset techniques that work so that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Their focus is on their goals and their path instead of on why they can’t do it.

Guide to Successfully Setting and Achieving Your Goals

This guide will help you with setting goals in the 4 main life areas. By following the steps and completing the daily tracker you will build a solid foundation. Not just writing down goals but creating a habit of doing the work. Because let’s be honest, achieving goals takes work. You can’t be a bystander in your own goal journey. That’s not how it works! Get started today. Dive into this guide and take the next step toward your goals and mindset so you can see success!

Rock Your Mindset

Now is the time to take your life & business to the next level.

Do you know what your dream life looks and feels like? And we mean not just in generalities.

That life you want starts (and continues) in your mind. But it’s not just about some positive thoughts and daydreams (unfortunately). Success comes from the right mindset, a clear why, goals, and action.

This workbook will help you get clear, figure out your guiding “why”, and start you on the mindset path to purposely manifest the life (and business) you deserve.

It’s time to activate your inner Rockstar!

Crystal Nicole Jones (CJ) & Pamela James (PJ), serendipitously met in Chicago while living a few blocks apart in Los Angeles. Their shared love of personal development & all things universe brought them together to help heart-centered female solopreneurs start & grow their lifestyle business. Pamela James, aka PJ, is a national board certified health & wellness coach, currently living in Wisconsin. PJ specializes in holistic self care and stress management including essential oils, yoga, meditation, and more. She loves to read, travel, spend time with friends and family, especially her doggies Mighty Maximo and Roco Loco. Crystal Nicole Jones, aka CJ, is a sweets connoisseur, Cupcake Wars Champion, and founder of Cream by Crystal. An actor and international speaker, CJ currently lives in Los Angeles but is also originally a Mid-Western gal. She loves to write, to travel, eat sushi, and all things pink!
The founder of Chatty Flamingo, Gilly is a life & business transformation coach, energy healer and holistic therapist. She combines the traditional with spiritual and holistic practices, a powerful combination which creates lasting results. She helps reframe your mindset to eliminate self-doubt and limiting-beliefs and works with you to open up to receive abundance. No matter who are, how old you are, where you are or what your current circumstances are, you CAN attract MORE ABUNDANCE into your life and business.

Align Your Energy with Abundance

A short, yet powerful audio guiding you to align your energy to abundance and being open to receive more of what you desire in both your business and life.

How to Increase Your Power Level at Work + Home

Stop the overload at work and home! You can rebalance wellbeing by increasing your Work-Life Power. Take the short quiz to learn your power level. Then get a guide customized to your quiz result with strategies to control your workload.
Karen Clark Salinas is a work-life professional, the founder of Rebalance Wellbeing, and a national board certified health and wellness coach. She’s on a mission to help overloaded working moms of school-age children redefine how to work, parent, and achieve financial freedom on their terms. While rebalancing their own wellbeing, Karen believes empowered working moms raise kids who rebalance work + life as adults — a valuable contribution to a better world. Motherhood, marriage, chronic illness, divorce, and blended families contribute significantly to her story. Karen lives in Maryland with her family, and you can visit her online at RebalanceWellbeing.com.

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