Here's literally EVERYTHING that I currently offer from CEOwn It.

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The Solopreneur Checklist (free)

See the exact 6 tools I use to manage & grow my biz as a one woman show! Download your free checklist here!

3 Welcome Email Templates (free)

​ The BEST way to grow your biz is not through social media. It's through your email list. You know what happens when Instagram or Facebook goes down. What if social media goes down for good? You NEED an email list. Jumpstart your goal with 3 Welcome Emails you can start from!

Freebie Swap Roadmap (free)

A downloadable PDF guide to help you host your own freebie swap with your biz friends, making more connections and increasing your visibility, audience, and engagement via your email list or social media platform.

Start Your Lazy Solopreneur Biz in 1 Day (free)

LIVE FREE TRAINING! Because you don't need a website, social media strategy, hundreds of followers, or even know where to begin. You need an idea, determination, and about 20 mins per day to run your online biz the way you want!

Live with 5 ($9)

Live with 5 is a mini course of fun strategies for the solopreneur to help you increase your audience, email list, and engagement while collabing with your biz friends. Includes: Freebie Swap Collab & Giveaway Growth Model

Power Post Templates & Masterclass ($47)

The EASY method for boosting your FB Group, social media, or even email list engagement from your couch! Instant access to 300+ Power Posts Templates you can use to increase engagement across your social media. You can even use these as questions in your emails as call to actions for replies.

Thrive Solopreneur Academy ($36/m)

Ready to build your lead generating & money making biz WITHOUT:​ 1. Waiting to build your website. 2. Developing a killer social media strategy that follows all the trends. 3. Dying to be the next hotseat or 1×1 student picked with the group coaching. 4. Sacrificing time away from your family.

Email Done for You Service ($150)

We’d look over your whole email structure, welcome email, ongoing email topic generation, and money making emails, both flash sales & one off emails. I set up your email, automation, and welcome email for ya. Estimating 3 months to get you set, going, and tweaked to make better. (Even connecting your freebie if you need it 😉)

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