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Finding Your Footing Through Changes

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We have all be impacted from the world’s events in the past few months. Even the past few weeks. Regardless of events, please be sure you are taking care of yourself. Seek help if you need it. Take breaks if you’re overwhelmed. It is okay to back away from the stress to focus on yourself. I know I have.

You cannot show up for others, if you are not showing up for yourself. What little encouragement I can offer: We WILL get through this. Your mindset is everything.

What can you do to find your footing?

Being transparent: I quit my stressful full-time job at the end of May.

It was a very hard decision. I LOVED my job, really, I did. However, the stress and overworking were driving me into the ground. I was not eating due to constantly working. I was not sleeping. I was losing weight fast. My body ached. I was constantly becoming sick and powering through it. My body was shutting down. I knew quickly I was going to find myself in the hospital if I did not slow down. Problem was, it was not an option to slow down. After quitting, I have faced more challenges that were not expected. So, I took a break. From everything. And I do not regret it one bit.

After my transition, I believe I am slowly finding my footing again. I am ecstatic!

Creating a schedule has formed a structure around my day. I can focus on what I must do, rather than guessing and having it crumble. It’s far from being perfect, but I. Can. Breathe. It’s a HUGE relief.

Where should you start?

If you are struggling, I suggest you start. Make a list of what you must do versus what can wait. Your bare bones basics for YOURSELF.

My primary:

-I need to sleep.

-I need to eat.

-I need to make time for myself.

*I would include work as primary if it’s not hindering one of the three listed above.

My secondary:

-Work aka making money

-Spending time with family and friends

-Maintaining a clean(ish) space

While the secondary list may be controversial, I am considering the MOST basic guide for myself to function without being overwhelmed. If I have my foundation, then I can have a better structure for myself.

*If your primary and secondary priorities are different, share them in the comments!

Whatever you decide to put in your lists, PLEASE make sure you are taking care of yourself. I cannot stress this enough. You are important! If it’s not benefiting you, consider letting it go. I understand it is hard, near impossible. Find the path that best works for you be able to take care of yourself.

Even now, I am struggling within myself to be honest. But I do know everything will be okay. Writing down my gratitude has proven to change my end mindset. Having a support system has also pushed me forward more times than I can count on many levels. In my downtime, I have circled back around to my hobbies: sewing, gardening, watching soap making videos, and even coloring (trust me here).

Create a structure. Take a break. Find an outlet. Breathe. It’s all one day at a time. You can do it!

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  • Mrs. Marsha Davis

    June’s blog was on point… I plan to do what I love —organizing at home and work is on my top list.. working from home has created… issues because I am so afraid of forgetting something.. so I triple save. So I decided to hit my most used spaces… a complete overhaul.. I hate clutter some people save old cards, magazines keep sakes etc… I do not. I love cards and keepsake but I post them on social media—where they are preserved. Then I throw them away.. people frown on this.. but this is my peace of mind. If I start saving stuff it will drive me crazy and get out of hand.. I have family members that still have stuff from high school.. My ex drove me crazy he had boxes of keepsake stuff from elementary .. ok let it go dude. I like stuff in its place or in a place I know where it is…. when it is not I feel out of control and drowning.. this is how I feel it is time for an overhaul. I am the type of person that says “ if I have not touched it or used it in 4-6 months” trash it goes. (But not my kitchen gadgets)April- July is my throw away month and also November-December. So here I come July…

    • Kerra

      Great outlook on cleaning your space! Over the past year, I have slowly started to organize and declutter my space. Clothes is a major area I need to tackle. I dream of having everything labelled and in it’s proper space. Pristine and clean! But I am human, so it does not always stay that way. If I can master the “I’ll leave it here for now and put it up later, but I SHOULD put it away now” task, I would be great!

      Thank you for you comment!

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