Hey there Solopreneur! You're in for SUPA good time here.

Have you ever been frustrated as a solopreneur, needing to learn a skill, but not the WHOLE skill?
Maybe you’re starting your email list and need help writing your welcome email.
Maybe you’re learning how to talk about yourself, but need an outline of what to say.
Struggle with time management as a solopreneur and want to check off goals on your list?
What about a podcaster needing to improve workflow?
I could keep going, but honestly, you would be here all day.
If you feel seen, felt, and heard by any of the statements above, you might just need something inside this Freebie Swap.
With 25+ freebies (and yes, they are FREE!), ranging from social media content strategies, mediations, best social media app & tools, and soooooo much more, this is a solopreneur’s dream list of goodies!
Why? Because as a fellow solopreneur, I KNOW the struggles of constant Googling/Youtubing your biz questions. So why not gather it all into one spot to help out you, another solopreneur making their biz work.


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-Juakerra Davis, The Introverted Solo-Biz Strategist Coach & Podcaster

for solopreneurs, by solopreneurs

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Freebie Swap is open April 25 - 29th 2022.


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