Whether you know me from podcasting or solopreneurship, both go hand in hand.

Hey there, I’m Juakerra Davis.

While I started my biz in the world of podcasting in 2020, I love helping female solopreneurs reach her goals in her biz.

Most gurus & coaches will tell you to focus on ONE thing, don’t be multi-passionate in your biz, and stay with your one focus until you reach 1 million in revenue.

Sure that’s great and all, but I have seen the other side, and telling you it IS possible, when your passions connect.

So here we are, a solopreneur impacting the lives of other solopreneurs & podcasters who want to actually make money online from their thing.

Want to monetize your podcast? You need a biz plan.

Want to expand your message & outreach? You need a podcast.

And lucky for you, since making my first $25 as a solopreneur, I have been working hard to deliver just that, my double passion.

Welcome to my little slice of solopreneurship & podcasting internet haven.

And yes, that’s me on vacation in May 2021 while my biz ran in the background of my life. (And another vacation during this past Thanksgiving again to the beach!)


Never Worry About Consistency Again & Get Things DONE!

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Want to work with me 1×1 for the next 90 days focused on getting you consistent? Schedule your first session with me by clicking the button.

The ONLY 6 month Mastermind for solopreneurs by a solopreneur to propel your goals forward. And no, we’re not talking about creating a website, being on all the social media platforms, or even posting daily.

Your simple, proven solution taking your podcast from idea to launched on your own time as a busy woman & solopreneur without fear, overwhelm, & frustration.

The FB Growth secrets you actually LOVE doing in between trips to the grocery store, waiting in “the mommy line”, or taking a #2/a break for it all.

Who doesn’t want a few extra 200 members, a boost in engagement, AND have fun doing it in sweats or no pants.

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I had my first meeting 1:1 with Juakerra, and guys....yes!!!! I have gained so much clarity with the direction and goals for my business!
Thank you, Juakerra Davis, I learned a lot from you, you're going to have lots of success! MTDT, if you're looking for more info on podcasting, Juakerra is great and gave me the push to record my intro, very productive hour session!
Kate Butterly
Podcast: agirlandadogpodcast
Thank you to the sweetest, brightest Juakerra Davis for helping me get my podcast to completion! I reached out and she helped me so much!


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