What if your biz was not focused on having a website or building social media?

If you're ready to build your lead generating & money making biz WITHOUT:

-waiting for your super awesome website to be perfect, even though you’ve been working on for months 


-developing a killer social media strategy that follows all the trends, and then not posting due to forgetting, life happening, or good ole imposter syndrome


-dying to be the next hotseat or 1×1 student picked with the group coaching, because you know your one question will move you forward sooo much


-sacrificing time away from your family, since your biz will work on your time & can be maintained less than an hour a day


$15 first trial month (regular $36/m)

Can you think of one thing you dislike in your biz right now?

What about the pressure of constantly posting on social media? Social media marketing is a long slow process…


Or trying to build leads that convert to consistent income? It’s easier to start with a wheel than to build a new one.

With Thrive Solopreneur Academy, your biz just became simple with the 3 Part Lazy Solopreneur Framework.


1. Idea to Product

2. Simple Systems

3. Collab & Grow 

You started your biz to create more freedom, time, and money in your life. Yet, you might feel that’s what you’re giving instead of receiving.


You’ve tried other coaching programs. BIG coaching programs. With promises you were pleased to hear going in, but found it to not be what you expected or with the support you needed.


After all, you’ve been doing this for a while, and NOTHING seems to be changing, especially the size of your bank account. And you’re probably thinking of giving up, or this just wasn’t meant to be.




As a solopreneur, it’s hard out there in the online biz streets. You have limited time, money, and resources. You just want to see your biz WORK! Just a sliver of your goals & the light at the end of the tunnel.


You’re needing to get your butt in gear, to be proud to say “MY BIZ MAKES MOOLAH!” rather than wanting to tuck tail and run when you even think about your hobby biz.


After all, you’re only a biz owner if you’re making money. No shame in the game if you’re not AND that’s where you want to be. That’s called a hobby biz.


So, do you have a hobby or a biz?


If you want a biz, but not making the monies, Thrive Solopreneur Academy is your no fluff, fastest way to see moolah in your pocket from your biz WITHOUT being on the hamster wheel of social media content creation, a fancy smancy website, thousands of followers, or even your email list up and running.


Say YES to your biz goals, not giving up, and challenging yourself to see your biz in all its glory?

8 Week Breakdown of Thrive Solopreneur Academy

Week 1 – Idea to  Product Prep

Week 2 – First (or next) Sale

Week 3 – Get on Your (Email) List

Week 4 – Testimonials

Week 5 – Community & Visibility

Week 6 – Simple Sales Pages

Week 7 – Social Media & Content

Week 8 – Collabing 101

I actually feel like I've been manifesting quite a bit these days, but that's a conversation for another day...it's alignment my friend 🤗❤️ basically feel like the Universe is leaving me a bread crumb trail, and this is win is just another step. I'm seriously so excited to work with you again!!!

Hey there! I’m Juakerra. 👋🏽


Mom of 2. Solopreneur. Podcaster. Panda & Wine Lover 🐼🥂❤️


Showing women & moms how to create and profit from an online biz they love AND fits their lifestyle.


I started my biz over 3 years ago, from podcast coaching, baby blankets & stickers, to digital products and solopreneur coaching, I have learned A LOT about having a biz vs running a biz. 


And no, that doesn’t include having a $1,000+ designed website, hundreds & even thousands of followers, or even know what you’re doing in the beginning. (We ALL have to start from ground zero!)


You’re only running your biz if you’re making moolah, otherwise you just have a hobby type of biz. That’s where I want to change your outcome to playing biz to running a biz that makes MONEY!


Solopreneurs DON’T play small.

go from feeling like this....

✨ to experiencing this! 👇🏽

What You Get Inside
Thrive Solopreneur Academy

8 Week Live Program starting Jan 9th – live 30 min coaching sessions, recorded to rewatch anytime.


30 min 1×1 Biz Kick-Off Coaching Call via Zoom – to know where you are starting, your goals, and the best path to get there based on your biz. 
Monthly 1×1 Check Ins –  to see your progress, troubleshoot areas, and adjust your goals moving forward over the first 3 months.
Thrive Solopreneur Academy Biz Template Set – templates so you can hit the ground running rather than wasting time creating. (for your email, bio, sales page, one off sales posts & emails, etc.)


Private TSA Facebook Group – join other students currently in the membership.


Invite to Level Up – my student/client only FB Group.
BONUS: 12 week Thrive Solopreneur Academy course replays [2022] –  over 12 weeks of coaching videos you can watch anytime.
BONUS: Freebie Creation Challenge & The $100 Friday Challenge – both designed to help you grow your audience AND make more moolah simply.
BONUS: Live with 5 – Live with 5 is a mini course of fun strategies for the solopreneur to help you increase your audience, email list, and engagement while collabing with your biz friends.

You'll love these biz magic perks!

As a part of the first 100 students to join Thrive Solopreneur Academy, you’ll also enjoy these perks! Only 89 spots left!


**First Dibs on Freebie Swap Collaboration Spot – I’ve hosted these openly in the past, BUT you’re automatically in as a collaborator! Reach new audiences and have fun!


**Workshops & trainings, guest speakers, q&a, or collaboration opportunities each month.
**Thrive Solopreneur Academy Calendar – to keep you in the loop for trainings, workshops, guest speakers, & collaboration opportunities.
**A 90 Day Planning Workshop – every 3 months to get you content planned and set for your biz calendar (social media content, emails, sales & promotions, podcast episodes, etc.)

Answering your questions:

Your biz works with your lifestyle, not against it.

With the tools inside Thrive Solopreneur Academy and a roadmap on how to automate your process, your biz can run in the background of your life.  Pair both with a complimentary 30 min kick off coaching call, and you’re on the right path to creating a biz with as much or little time as you’re wanting to invest.

Need to pause from a family emergency, take a mindful break, or just from life happening? You can! It’s your biz.

To launch, a few hours in one day. To run, simply as little or much as you want. A general rule of thumb is 20 minutes a day, just to check in & one task per day.

Think about it. The most time you’re probably going to spend is on creating a website or setting your social media strategy/creating content. Taking out those two time suckers, you can launch AND run your biz in half the time.

Basically, nothing more than what you already have. Everything needed to start your biz is within you. The tools inside the Thrive Solopreneur Academy Biz Template Set are used to support your biz in how you want it to run. You don’t need another certificate or free training. You need action at the end of the day.

Absolutely, not! In fact, I’m an introvert who loves scrolling Tik Tok, but has a hard time posting. Even without social media (IG, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the strategy I use is easier, faster, and connects directly with my peoples.

You don’t need a website. It takes a TON of time. Time in which you can be earning more money or doing something you love. (Gardening, sleeping, Amazon shopping…)

Good news! There’s a whole template set of resources, and a list of tools you can use! We will also discuss which of the tools best works for your biz during our 30 min Kick Off Coaching Call and throughout the monthly checkins.

That solely depends on you and your goals.

Want to just support your biz? Done!

Want to make just $200 or $500 a month for savings, vacations, education, or just because ? Done!

Want to bulk up for holiday spending, because you always wait until the last moment, or is that just me? Double done!

Once your biz is working for you and with your time, you can crank it up and the sky is the limit!

Support was the one thing I always wanted & needed at the beginning. That’s why there is not a lack here.

Have questions in between our Kick Off Coaching Call & monthly check ins? Post them inside our private Thrive Solopreneur Academy Facebook Group. Want even more opinions on your stuff? You can also post inside Level Up, my student/client only Facebook Group. Get not only answers from me, but from other women who are growing their biz online. Think of it as gathering resources to help you make the best decision.

While you are a solopreneur, you are never alone! Support is never far away!

You’re on your way to seeing your biz get the results you want!

1. Click the green “I WANT IN!” button on this page.

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3. Enter your information during checkout.

4. You’re in! Gain access to Thrive Solopreneur Academy! **You will also receive a follow up email with details on your access, how to schedule your Kick Off Coaching Session, join the private FB Group and more.

5. Have a profitable biz you love!

$15 first trial month (regular $36/m)

Here's what Jan said after the first week of joining!

So....are you in?

How do I join Thrive Solopreneur Academy?

You’re on your way to seeing your biz get the results you want!


1. Click the green “I WANT IN!” button on this page.


2. Click the blue “Join TSA now” button on the next page.


3. Enter your information during checkout.


4. You’re in! Gain access to Thrive Solopreneur Academy! **You will also receive a follow up email with details on your access, how to schedule your Kick Off Coaching Session, join the private FB Group and more.


5. Have a profitable biz you love!

$15 first trial month (regular $36/m)